A few evenings ago it was bedtime for the twins.

I was done.


I heard done spelled like that in some comedy years ago & it has stuck with me. I still find it amusing!


The twins were not done.

Or D.U.N.

After answering multiple calls & meeting what needs they had, I was even more done.

I was borderline angry.

I know you are supposed to fill your child’s head with positive thoughts as they lay down to sleep.

That was not happening.

When one told me the other was trying to scare her, I did not respond in love.

I might’ve told them I was gonna scare them if I had to come back in their room again.

Part of their bedtime routine is playing Alan Jackson’s Precious Memories CD.

That was part of Emma’s routine as a young child too.

Today if she hears Blessed Assurance she automatically relaxes & gets sleepy.

After my final trip into see the little cupcakes I plopped down on the couch in the dark living room.

I could hear one of them, my money is on Callie, playing with something.

I could also hear the soothing voice of Alan Jackson singing.

I felt myself tensing up again.

And then I decided to let go.

I sat still & let those Precious Memories flow over me.

Blessed Assurance

What a friend we have in Jesus

Standing on the promises of God

I’ll fly away

I relaxed & let those songs take me back to my childhood.

Back to a little church with wooden pews.

Back to sitting in those pews with my Grandma & sharing the red backed hymnal.

I am so thankful for those songs.

I’m so thankful for the memories.

I’m so thankful for grace, that it’s new every morning.

You are so loved!


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