Wrong turn

So today on the way to the gym I drove right past my turn & headed into the twin’s school, which is the very next turn.

Callie was all “Yay school!”

Libby was more like mom what is wrong with you? She didn’t say it, but I know that’s what she was thinking!

It’s no wonder I turned into school, I’ve been thinking/worrying/obsessing about school starting for the last few days.

I still have to buy first day outfits, backpacks & lunchboxes.

We did find out who their teacher is & we are thrilled! I’m also happy with my decision to keep them together this year.

How can I be simultaneously excited & sad about my little cupcakes going to Kindergarten?

I’m excited for getting back to a routine, but I will miss lazy mornings & pool days.

I’m excited for all they will learn, but I will miss their innocent young questions.

I’m excited about getting to some projects done around the house, but I will miss Dora & the Rugrats playing on a continuous loop.

Ah the joys of motherhood.

Is their anything more wonderfully confusing?


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