Unexpected Grace

I have read a lot about offering grace to people in our lives.

Unexpected, not deserved grace.

I decided to put grace into action.

Emma washed her sheets the other day. That’s all. Just washed them. Left them in the washing machine.

While she was gone, I put them in the dryer & later made up her bed.

I would love it if someone made my bed for me!

She was very thankful.

I felt good about blessing her.

The twins were realty struggling tonight at bedtime.

Really struggling.

After multiple trips in to answer their calls, I informed them that I would spank them if I had to come in again.

And they called out again.

I decided to teach them about grace.

I walked in, knowing they expected me to deliver on my promise.

I took a minute to explain that I was going to offer them grace & not spank them. I explained that grace was when you didn’t get what you deserved.

I must’ve explained it too much or she was just tired of hearing my voice because Callie pipes up, “Or you could just spank us!”

Clearly I need to offer grace more often!


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