A little Me Time in the car pick up line.

Does anyone else use the car pick up line as a little “me time”?

I used to park & walk in to pick up the girls, thinking it was quicker. Spoiler alert, it was quicker.

The parking situation is a little tricky at our school, it’s not the most pedestrian friendly.

I decided to try the car pick up line this year.

So far I’ve discovered if I get to school 20 mins before dismissal I’m *sorta* in the beginning of the line. Atleast I’m in the first half.

I’ve discovered I don’t mind the extra time spent waiting.

I can listen to my favorite radio station.

I can have an uninterrupted phone conversation.

I can read a book.

I can read & respond to emails.

I can catch up on Facebook & Instagram.

I can write a blog post.

I can have a snack & sip on my Dr. Pepper.

As moms I think it’s important to make a little time for ourselves.

It helps me be a better wife & mom.

So for now, I’m choosing the car pick up line as my Me Time.

I hope you find your own time, take care of yourself sweet mama!


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