If you wanna change the world…

Yesterday at church my sweet cousin & her little family dedicated their newest addition to the Lord. He & his sweet sister are the cutest little things! Listening to the pastors pray over him, I couldn’t help but think of this quote by Mother Teresa, it’s actually been in my mind for several weeks now.

If you want to change the world, go home & love your family. ~Mother Teresa

So simple.

So profound.

Sometimes I feel like there has to be more I should be doing.

Surely I should be filling my days with more than school drop offs & pickups.

More than laundry.

More than packing lunches.

More than vacuuming the same space everyday that always seems to have crumbs.

More than picking up toys.

More than pulling weeds.

More than reading Bible stories.

More than nightly prayers.

More than listening to my husband vent about his day.

But God impressed on me years ago that my family is my mission field right now.

I sometimes forget & He reminds me like He did yesterday.

Maybe your kids are grown. Maybe you don’t have kids.

Love your parents.

Love your grandparents.

Love those surrogate parents.

Love your neighbor.

Maybe you are raising the next Billy Graham or Mother Teresa or Lauren Daigle.

Or maybe you are raising the person who will share the love of Christ with the next Billy Graham.

How we love & raise our kids impacts generation after generation.

We may never see the impact this side of Heaven.

But we need to be faithful to what He has given us.

I am thankful for this reminder.

Go home & love your family.


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