Praying in the car drop off line

As I was driving away from the school after dropping the twins off I was praying as I normally do.

Praying for protection & favor.

Praying for other members of my family.

Praying for loved ones to have a hunger for Jesus.

I felt my spirit dip a little.

Some things I am praying for are so big in my eyes.

They seem impossible.

I’m not proud of my unbelief.

And I know nothing is too hard for God.

But if we are all honest, I think we’ve all wondered just how God is going to work some things out.

As if He needs us to figure it out before He does it.

He must get tickled at us. We think so highly of ourselves sometimes!

I had my favorite Christian radio station on, pretty low, because ya know I was trying to concentrate on praying & driving.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, I hear the words.

“God is madly in love with you.”

It stopped me in my tracks.

Not literally of course. The other hurried parents would not have appreciated me holding up traffic.

But my thoughts came to a screeching halt.

God is madly in love with me?

He is!

I just basked in the warmth of that truth.

I’ve known He is madly in love with me for years.

But I needed that reminder this morning.

Maybe you do to.

He’s gonna answer my prayers in the best way possible, His way.

Friend, He is madly in love with you too! Savor that truth today.

You are so loved.


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