Now is not my season to talk on the phone

I have the worst time trying to talk on the phone these days! It occurred to me recently that maybe I need to just take the pressure off & acknowledge that this is not my season to chat on the phone.

You know how it goes…pick up the phone to make a quick call & all of the sudden everyone needs everything.

It might not be my season to chat on the phone, but it’s definitely my season to text & email!

There are exceptions of course. I try very hard to talk to my mom when she calls, and my sweet aunt. Of course I answer when my husband calls. But don’t be offended if you can’t reach me or our conversation lasts 30 seconds before I say, “let me call you right back.” And right back never happens.

I started thinking about this unique season I am in. I’m 46. I have a 16 year old & two almost 6 year olds. I am a stay at home mom, who also assists my husband with our HAVC, electrical & plumbing business. Things are hectic at times, but also really great!

Over the years I’ve thought I should try to get back in the workforce. I’ve interviewed, even been offered jobs. But after much discussion with the hubs, we always agree that it isn’t the right situation for us.

This isn’t my season to work outside the home. It is my season to volunteer in the kids classroom (when this crazy quarantine is over). It’s my season to attend my teenager’s high school volleyball & softball games. It is my season to drive my kids to & from school & practice. That will be coming to an end with my teen who will be driving herself next school year! Apparently it’s also my season to homeschool, thanks Corona.

This is not my season to cook gourmet meals.

Anything too complex or with too many steps & I end up stressed & yelling at my kids.

It is my season to make spaghetti (sometimes I even fancy it up with cheese & bake it). It’s my season to cook roast & chili in my crockpot. It’s my season to grill steaks & burgers, to bake potatoes & tater tots. And it’s ok if I boil some boxed Mac n cheese & bake a frozen pizza. It’s also my season to use paper plates. Don’t come at me with its’s bad for the environment. It’s better for my home environment!

This is not my season for girl’s night out. It is my season for sneaking in a dinner at Cracker Barrel with the hubs while the teen babysits.

It’s not my season for exotic vacations. It is my season for fun beach trips with my sister’s family..with no crazy expectations of entertainment. Just a fun beach house (with a pool preferably), home cooked meals & lots of beach time.

This is not my season for writing the book I so hope to one day. It is the season for funny Facebook posts, cute pictures & quick blog posts while my kids are having some screen time

It’s not my season for putting my kids in every activity under the sun. It is my season for 4 wheeler rides, t-ball, picnics, swing sets, sidewalk chalk, going to the river & walking next door to the pool.

This is not my season for a lot of things. But it is my season for spending time with my little family & enjoying the everyday blessings.

I pray you are enjoying whatever season you find yourself in!

You are so loved!


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