Worship is canceled.

Worship is canceled.

That’s what the sign out in front of the pretty country church on the beautiful backroad said.

I know what the intent was, to let the congregation know that during this quarantine, corporate worship in the church building is canceled.

Today, this Easter will be much different. There will be no beautiful choirs decked out in their Easter finery.

There will be no adorable kids in their Sunday best chasing each other as they hunt for eggs after church.

There will be no physical gathering together as a body of believers as we celebrate our precious Savior.

Maybe this was the Easter you were gonna make your mama or your grandma or your wife so happy & attend church with them.

Maybe you had the cutest outfits planned for your family, that won’t be worn.

Maybe you are missing gathering together with your extended family for a delicious meal.

Maybe you are feeling so very lonely as you sit in your home today.

But sweet friend, can I encourage you?

Worship is NOT canceled.

He is still risen!

We can worship our Savior anywhere!

On your front porch.

In your living room.

In your kitchen as you prepare a meal for your little family.

I believe Jesus was lonely as He prayed in the garden.

He knows exactly how we are feeling,

He longs to be your comfort, and joy.

Spend some time today just praising Him for who He is.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

I believe Jesus adores a sincere heart, and He will come close to you as you come close to Him.

He is Risen.

He is Faithful.

He is Kind.

He is Good.

He is our Protector.

He is our Healer.

He is our Help.

He is our Friend.

My sweet church will be online encouraging & celebrating with us today. I invite you to celebrate with us! You can even watch later today if you can’t tune in at the exact time.

Happy Easter my friend.

Worship is NOT canceled!

You are so loved.


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