Take those babies to church

Yesterday was the 2nd Sunday we’ve been back at church since the Pandemic started.

My sweet church has done a tremendous job of spiritually feeding us through the stay-at-home order & quarantine.

Who would’ve thought that a little (not so little anymore) Pentecostal church in rural central Virginia would jump into Zoom meetings & Facebook Live so easily. (Seemed like it was done so well so quickly, but I know a ton of hard work went into it!)

I did not immediately go back to church when we were able to meet together again. I was a little nervous about keeping the littles with me during service, to be honest. (There is not a great way to do Children’s Church right now. Kids are not the best social distancers!)

I thought I was prepared. I helped each little pack a backpack with quiet activities to do. I even packed a small container of gummy bears for each as a treat.

I did not go well.

I spent the majority of the time stressed.

But on the drive to my mom’s after church my teenager looked at me & said, “I really needed that.”


I was ready to throw in the towel & wait till life got back to normal before giving in person church another try.

But my teenager was fed. And wanted to go back.

So we did.

This week was marginally better.

I just want to encourage the mamas out there, take those babies to church.

Even if they can’t sit still.

Even if they need to use the bathroom. Again.

Even if they come running back from the bathroom like a herd of elephants.

Even if one of them sneezes & you worry everyone might think they have the Rona.

Even if they spill their gummy bears & want to eat them off the floor.

Even if they climb all over you & want to be held.

Even if they write on the tithe envelopes (sorry Pastor).

Even if you are worried about what other people think.

I guarantee people either aren’t paying attention, or they are smiling fondly remembering their kids when they were little.

Or if grumpy old church lady is judging you, just roll on. If she’s judging you & your kids, then she’s leaving someone else alone. And she needs more Jesus.

(There is no one at my church like that, but mine is pretty awesome, can’t speak for every church.)

I will continue to talk to my children about their behavior & we will try to do the best that we can.

But I’m also gonna try to give grace (to them & me) & remember that Jesus loves them, just the way they are..sneezing, peeing, running, wiggling little messes.

Take those babies to church.

You are so loved!


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