I hope they remember

So 2020 has been interesting. Honestly I fear that life will never go back to “normal.” But that’s a post for another day.

The kids have been home with me since March. And they will continue to be home for the first part of the school year. Who knows what the powers that be will decide about the rest of the year.

I have enjoyed having them home (for the most part. I did almost have a come apart when I realized I had only been in the car alone 3 times since March & 1 of those times was for a doctor appointment!)

I wonder what they will remember when they are grown & think back on this year?

Will the littles remember that one Friday they were in kindergarten, and then never went back?

Will my teenager remember missing her spring softball season?

Will they remember months of missing church?

Will they remember not having our extended family Easter & Mother’s Day get togethers?

Here’s what I hope they DO remember…

I hope they remember the 3 bottle fed calves they watched grow up.

I hope they remember chasing “smoths” (moths).

I hope the littles remember the drive by, honk & wave birthday parade they had for their 6th birthday.

I hope the teen remembers taking behind the wheel & getting her license.

I hope they remember hiking to a bamboo patch behind our land.

I hope they remember the rope swing & playing with their cousins in the river at Granny & Papa’s farm.

I hope they remember planting potatoes & picking blackberries & green beans with PawPaw.

I hope they remember running next door & begging for food from Maw Maw’s kitchen.

I hope they remember endless summer days spent at the pool.

I hope they remember 4 wheeler rides, digging for craw dogs (crawfish), & watching bird eggs turn into baby birds.

I hope they remember sneaking over to the neighbors farm & watching their fireworks from the back of daddy’s pickup.

I hope they don’t remember the days mom cried or yelled because she didn’t know what she was doing with their online work (I’m looking at you SeeSaw).

Most of all I hope they remember I tried.

2020, you threw us all for a loop, but we rose to the occasion. Now could we please chill with the drama for 2021?


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