That’s how I was feeling.

Nothing was going right.

I am homeschooling the littles this year. Super excited & super scared about it. I do not have a “homeschool” room. And boy are there some gorgeous ones in the Facebook homeschool groups I’m in. And I love it!

But I don’t have a room like that.

I’m attempting to turn a corner of the dining room into a learning area. I have cute laminated charts. I bought a white board. I have a sweet alphabet border like I used when I taught 1st grade. I have a plan. It won’t be a room, but it will be a cute little area that will work for us.

So. The months of the year & days of the week posters will not stay on the wall. They came rolled up in the mail. (Not the best plan Amazon.) They are clinging to their rolled up state like stink on poo. No amount of weighing then down with heavy objects is making a difference.

I’m too short to hang the alphabet border. I have to wait for the teen to help. Bless her. But even for her it was a bit of a struggle.

The whiteboard requires measuring & screws & anchors & drills. Those are not my things. The teen tried to help but we couldn’t find the drill or drill bits. So I will have to wait on the hubs for that.

Absolutely nothing was going well.

My neck was hurting.

My emotions were getting the best of me.

I was short with my littles.

I started to question if I could even succeed at homeschooling this year.

I don’t even have a room & I can’t even get my little corner together! How am I gonna teach two 6 year olds? (Never mind the fact that I have a degree in education & managed to teach a room full of 6 year old at one point, I was feeling dramatic.)

My eyes were getting ready to leak.

I thought about calling my mom or sisters.

I decided to do my devotion instead.

That was a good choice.

“There is an adventurous journey awaiting you, and you’re anticipating it with mixed feelings. In some ways you are eager to step into this new adventure. You’re even expecting to find abundant blessings along the way. However, part of you fears leaving your comfortable, predictable routine. When fearful thoughts assail you, remind yourself that I will be watching over you constantly—-wherever you are.”

Um hello there Lord.

Thank you for giving me exactly what I need when I need it.

He’s such a good good Father!

Oh, side note, when I was writing this post yesterday my phone glitched & I lost everything.

It was clearly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (This is sarcasm, I know these are minor things. But sometimes the little things can feel so so big!)

So here’s to not getting lost in our feelings & remembering who holds us in His hands.

You are so loved!


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  1. Kristie, from what I have seen and observed, you are a super Mom. It will all come together and I bet you will have an awesome year and so will the girls. God bless and will be praying for your confidence because I am sure you can do this!! ❤❤

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