🎵 Lord I hope this day is good 🎵

Yesterday was Monday.

And boy was it a Monday! Rainy, dreary outside….when I last checked we had 2.5 inches in the rain gauge.

So no outside or pool time for the littles.

And the hubs was home working in the office.

That is not a good combo.

I did breakout the new play doh that I had been saving.

A fort was built.

We watched a movie snuggled up on the couch.

Everything else is kind of a blur.

It wasn’t awful. But it wasn’t good either.

By the time the day was done, I was so over it!

This morning I woke up before the littles. Had time to pray & read my devotions before they got up. My prayers were ALL over the place, bouncing from one need to another..but I know nothing is too confusing for Him!

It’s still dreary.

The hubs went to work.

We are taking a little trip across the mountain, might even treat everyone to lunch. (By lunch I mean rolling through a drive thru.)

I even managed to help the hubs with something over the phone with minimal interruptions, which is a total win!

I jumped in the shower. I found myself praying “Lord I hope this day is good!”

Then I started singing that old song. You know, the one by Don Williams?

Which then led to “Step into the water.”

Next up “I’ll Fly Away.”

I was feeling pretty good, spirits were definitely lifted.

For my finale I was belting out “Holdin up the ladder.”

Much to my surprise I felt tears start to form.

Singing that song took me right back to my childhood. Right back to service in the little sanctuary of my home church.

Right back to Nelson, Rick & Frances singing on the stage in that little church.

Right back to me singing every single word with them.

Right back to sweet Brother Everett dancing down the aisle, in pure joy for his love for his Lord. What I wouldn’t give to see him dance again! But I know he’s dancing in a much better place now!

I was suddenly so homesick for that time in my life! That time where there was no pandemic in our life.

Where there was no rioting in our cities.

Where there was not such hatred for our President.

Where there was not so much confusion & hurt.

Guys we are under a ton of pressure right now.

I have never felt so much anger & confusion in our country.

Add to that the sadness of missing our “normal” life.

Missing church for months.

Missing family get togethers.

Missing sports.

Missing school.

Missing going out with out a stinkin mask on!

I say all this to remind myself & you sweet friend, that we need to give ourselves grace.

Give your kids & husbands grace.

Give your neighbor grace.

Give your friend grace.

Allow space for these big emotions to come out. Or you might find yourself singing in the shower one minute & sobbing the next!

We are going to be ok.

We live in the best country in the world! It may be flawed, but no where else can compare.

We serve a big God.

He is not surprised by any of this!

We will be ok. Just remember, grace.

You are so loved!

Here’s a link to Lord I hope this day is good:



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