Live at peace with everyone

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. ~Romans 12:18

Those were the first words I read this morning. As I’m listening to my littles bicker, I think maybe they need to read them. But they can’t read so we will have to discuss this later!

Then, a few paragraphs down, my devotion said:

My dear brothers (and sisters), take note of this: Everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to become angry.~James 1:19


This my friend, is what us church-going folks like to refer to as “stepping on my toes.” That’s when the preacher preaches a sermon that speaks right to you, as if he knows your faults & hidden issues (sins). It’s very unnerving!

So, I’ve gotten “convicted,” first thing this morning. That’s another term we like to throw around. It’s when you are just smacked in the face with the fact that you are doing something you should not be doing.

Let’s review, so far I’ve had my toes stepped on & been smacked in the face. All before lunch. And we haven’t even started our homeschool day!

We are gearing up for an election. A new Supreme Court Justice needs to be appointed. There is a Pandemic. Cities & communities are being burned down & looted. Innocent lives are being lost. Never have the police been so hated. People are angry, about all these issues, and many more I’m sure!

I can’t think of a time in my 46 years on this Earth that we have been more divided!

I am a conservative, Christian woman. Anyone who knows me, knows where I fall on most issues. If you don’t, just ask & I’ll be happy to share where & why.

I have many like-minded friends that I love. But, *gasp* I have friends that I adore who take a much different stance on most issues.

And just as I hold fiercely to my beliefs & convictions, they hold to theirs. (Even though they are wrong, I still love them.)

I love Facebook. I love to see my friends from high school & their cute kids. I love keeping up with my family that is out of the area. I like to keep up with what going on in the “real” world. I love following mommy & homeschool blogs.

What I do not love is the hate that fills my newsfeed. I have tried really hard not to post things that will divide. I’ve tried really hard not to comment on posts that are so wrong, from my viewpoint. Because you know what? I don’t think anyone’s mind has ever been changed from a divisive post or a snarky comment.

But you know what does change hearts & minds?


Let me say it again for folks in the back.


He can change the hardest of hearts, the wrongest (just made that word up. If Shakespeare can do it, I don’t see why I can’t!) of minds.

Remember Saul? He killed Jesus followers. Then he was smacked in the face with the love & forgiveness of Christ. And he became one of the most amazing spreaders of the Christian faith. (Another un-grammatical phrase, but I’m teaching 6 year olds right now, so my writing skills must be somewhere on that level these days!)

What if we spread love, not hate?

What if we spread joy, not anger?

What if we shared our thoughts (because sometimes we should) with kindness & mercy?

What if we offered grace?

What if we prayed for those we don’t agree with?

Because friend, the Lord’s will, it will be done. He does not need you to be a keyboard warrior for Him.

Share your heart, yes by all means. Share a word or a comment if you feel He’s nudging you to.

But check yourself.

Make sure that nudge is from Him. Not your human nature that is annoyed or angered by someone else.

And by all means, pop that popcorn, grab a drink, pull up a seat & enjoy reading those crazy comments on controversial & dramatic posts.

But not if it caused you distress.

There is a wonderful feature called the “unfollow” button. It means you can still be friends, but not see what is being posted.

And then, after the election, after everyone calms down, no matter who wins, you can go back to loving their pictures, wishing thems a happy birthday & enjoying knowing what they had for dinner.

Because God is on the throne, no matter who sits in the White House.

And He loves us, oh how He loves us.

And He longs for us to love Him back!

Pray my sweet friends, before you post or comment.

And be kind.

You are so loved!


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