The fragrance of love

My sweet girl bought me a fall devotional for my birthday. I have never had a seasonal devotional & I’m really digging it!

Today’s focus was on how powerful smells are. The author talked about the smell of cinnamon infused brooms at the grocery store checkout always makes her happy & reminds her that the holidays are approaching.

Scent has that amazing ability to take us right back to a place, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

I came across an old tube of Desitin the other day. One whiff & I was back in the land of babies & diapers.

Citrus fragrances have always relaxed me. I turn my diffuser on every night with a few drops (ok a lot of drops) of either Lemon or Orange essential oils…I love walking into my bedroom when it’s filled with that smell!

The author went on to remind us that when Jesus laid down his life for us, it was a sweet smell to the Father. And that when we walk in love, the Father smells it again and again.

The final sentence stopped me in my tracks.

Let’s make it our aim in life to walk as Jesus walked and leave the scent of love everywhere we go.~Stacy Edwards


What if we did that?

What if we walked so much like Jesus that we left the sweet sweet scent of love everywhere?

If there is one thing that 2020 needs right now, it’s the sweet smell of love.

Face it, 2020 has been a dumpster fire.

And I’m afraid it’s going to get worse before it’s over. Emotions are running so high right now leading up to the election. Everyone has their thoughts on who should win. Everyone is convinced they are right.


Whatever the outcome, some people are going to be devastated, disappointed, angry…the list goes on. I have read of families stocking up in case it’s not safe to go to the grocery store after the election. Or in case supply chains are disrupted. Lort help us if they mess with my Dr. Pepper addiction. Or bacon. I need bacon.

Bottom line. We need to smell this world up with love. Spread it everywhere! Leave a sweet sweet fragrance of love that gives hope & healing.

Hope for the hurting.

Hope for the confused.

Healing for the angry.

Hope & Healing for us all.

You are so loved!


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  1. Reblogged this on Her Imaginary Blog and commented:

    It was really hot yesterday here in central VA. Had us all wishing for fall or cooler weather or atleast being thankful for AC! I’m married to a man who fixes ACs and he was very popular yesterday! it’s not even summer yet, hold on to your hats my local friends! Gotta love experiencing all 4 seasons in one day sometimes. Wouldn’t change a thing!


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