Somebody loves you

I ran into the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago (I needed new prizes for the twins’ prize box, they love it! If it helps them stay on track with homeschool, I’ll happily fill it with $1 toys!)

I picked the wrong checkout line of course.

While I’m waiting, scrolling through social media & texting Emma, who is waiting in car with the twins, bless her, a cute little ol’ man came right up beside me & handed me a tiny, silver metal cross. And then he said,”Somebody loves you.”


I melted into a little puddle right there!

I’ve thought a lot about him & his message lately.

Frankly, this world is tough right now.

Some days It’s.just.too.much.

We have a family friend who lost both parents in the same week. The same week! (It was not covid related). I can not imagine the sorrow they must be feeling.

My dear friend lost her husband unexpectedly while he was at work. Here one minute, gone the next. How do you come back from that? How do you get through that?

My sister, my best friend, she is still fighting her battle with cancer. I mean can the Lord just heal her already?! While she suffers, those of us who love her suffer in our own way, feeling like there should be more we can do. So we do what we can. We pray. We believe. And we wait.

I keep claiming that the Lord is with me in all things. Claiming that He is for us. Claiming He is faithful.

Because He is.

He never promised us there would be no suffering.

He promised He would walk through the fire with us.

He promised He will hold us by His right hand.

He promised He will carry us.

And He will.

Oh how he adores us!

So let this post be your little silver metal cross.

Somebody loves you!


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