New Year’s Eve 2020

New Year’s Eve, 2020.

What a year it has been.

While I’m cautiously hopeful that 2021 will treat us more kindly, I’m not naive enough to trust that is true. 2020 knocked some of us flat out!

I find myself feeling a bit sad. I’m certainly not sad to see this year come to a close. I can’t really put my finger on it.

As I was straightening up the living room, I couldn’t help but grin at the setup my littles had made. They appear to be trying to trap something over by the rocking chair & Christmas tree. Just beyond the Barbie campground area.

Barbie & her friends have taken over. She really is living her best life in my living room. She has a comfy camper. A horse. A brand new nursery for her twin babies. And just down the hall she has 2 houses & a car. Another horse. A boat. A golf cart. You get the picture.

And it hit me again. The realization that I’m living the life I prayed for. The babies I longed for are here. 3 of them atleast. The teen that was prayed for long before the twins were even a thought. (Atleast not in any of my thoughts!)

And I was guilt stricken suddenly. I was so short with the littles earlier today.

In my defense, playdoh was involved & a sassy mouth & stubborn spirit (theirs & mine).

But we ended the day on the couch with snuggles & Walker Texas Ranger. We even hung out in the man cave with all the cool animals, which is a pretty big treat.

We sang & prayed at bedtime. And I was even patient (mostly) when my wild child asked for yet another drink of water & a different shirt. Then shorts.

And now I’m sitting by the Christmas tree, with the remote to myself & a snack.

And I’m grateful.

I’m thankful.

I’m hopeful.

I’m blessed.

My hope is in my Jesus. Who never fails. Who constantly forgives. Who loves. Who heals. Who is in control of my tomorrows.

Do not be troubled.


Happy New Year friend.

You are so loved!


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