Don’t worry

Don’t worry.

Easy to say.

Hard to do.

My devotion this morning referred to Philippians 4:6-8.

These verses are often quoted. Often folks say these are their life verses, their favorite verses.

Me, I’ve heard these words all my life. But this morning I paid more intentions to the action words. The verbs. (I’m back in teacher mode these days.)

Because these verses are so familiar to me, I sometimes gloss over their true meaning & power.

So I decided to break it down for myself.

1st~Don’t worry.

2nd~Pray about everything.

3rd~Tell God what you need.

4th~Thank him for all He has done.

Then we are given a few more instructions.

Fix your hearts on what is-







Think about things that are excellent & praise worthy.

That’s it. That’s all I have to pass on.

Use these action words, put them to use in your prayer or journal time. I like to write things down because it helps me focus on what I am saying..not letting my mind wander to what I’m fixing for dinner or what chore needs to be done next.

I do this in church too. So if you see me writing or tapping on my phone, I’m most likely taking notes, not texting;)

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.

I would love to share more & maybe I will later.

But right now I need to wash this face mask off, get my kids out of the tub & dry my hair if I’m gonna make it to church on time.

Speaking if are always welcome at my church. Or if you feel better watching from the comfort of your home, watch us on Facebook live. You can even watch “the live” video later.

We have the best praise team, children’s church & Pastor!

You are so loved!


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