Getting started

Today is a no school day for my oldest. Which means she is home & I can go get a pedicure & have lunch with my friend. Yay!

It also means I can write without interruption. While getting my feet rubbed. It’s a win all the way around!

I had promised myself that I would write more this year. And I really want to! I’ve always heard that writers should write every day. Even just a few minutes. I think there is wisdom in that.

Finding the time, or should I say, choosing to make the time, is the part I need to figure out!

I am homeschooling the littles. While that definitely doesn’t take all day, it is a priority that takes up a chunk of my day.

I’m being very intentional with spending time with my husband. That has not always been the case, as is with most couples. That is a huge priority!

I am attempting to spend more time reading God’s word. I am doing several devotions daily, trying to keep a prayer journal. This also needs to be a priority.

And oh goodness do I crave a clean space to call home. Not just clean, but organized & simplified. A space that works for my family. A space that is a sanctuary, a place of relaxation. (Ok maybe not the whole space, I still want the twins to have fun, but we really need to organize their space better!) While this needs to be a priority, it’s further down the list & an on going project based situation.

Spending less & being smart with meal planning along with eating out less (I’m talking fast food/hitting the drive thru) is also a goal.

Being intentional with the time I have with my kids is a really important focus for me. And I’m sorry to say I have neglected it. And they are my most important work (after my marriage). I need to take advantage of this time with them.

Emma is almost out of high school & legal. My relationship with her is in a different stage, it’s more mature. While I don’t have to fix her hair & every meal she eats, I do get to help guide her to make good choices & listen to all that is going on in that pretty head of hers. I know she loves Jesus, I know she does her devotions & I’m praying that never changes! Being available for the hard questions, the tricky situations is so important. Learning to let go is hard, and thankfully I don’t ever have to completely let go.

The twins are still at such a crucial age. Laying the groundwork & actively pointing them to Jesus is a daily task. Helping them learn not to be mean girls, teaching them to be each other’s best friends & the golden rule is a big priority!

I did not set out to make a list of goals for the year, for life. But that appears to be what I’ve done. This piece of writing may be just for me. A reminder of what is important. A reminder that I am doing important work. A reminder that I may not be contributing financially these days, I am contributing to Kingdom work. And it is the most important work for me be to be doing. There will come a time again when I can contribute to the world, outside of my home. But right now I need to focus on raising women who will make a difference out in the world. Women who are so grounded in their faith that they will reach for Jesus, not the things of the world. Women who can raise their own children to love Jesus. Women who will stand strong, firmly rooted even when I am no longer with them. And that thought could just make me sob. I need to work on that!

So, back to writing more. I keep coming back to the word hope. I did a devotional that encouraged me to come up with a life word. It asked questions about what your natural talents are, what you can do in the world to make a difference. How can you do that? Practically?

And I keep coming back to offering hope though communication. Whether that is though written or spoken word. Whether it is one on one or to a group. I can offer hope & encouragement based on my own experiences with life & trials, rooted in God’s faithfulness. And I’ve come to the realization that listening well is an important part of communication as well. And that is an area I will need to focus on!

Maybe this focus on offering hope is for my little family. Maybe I can share hope on this blog. Maybe I can share hope with my close friends & extended family. Maybe one day I can share hope on a bigger platform.

For now maybe I can wake up each morning & ask the Lord how I can share hope today. And pray for opportunities to be revealed through out my day. He is faithful & He will show me.

Let me encourage you to find your life word. I will share the link to the Bible study. (I didn’t purchase the extras they offered, I just did the 4 day free study. And I’m happy to do it with you & we can share through the app what we are learning!

I pray you know how much you are loved! And I pray you know the hope that is offered through Jesus!

Stay tuned for more hope!

~Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful~ Hebrews 10:23


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