History lesson

Learning is the craziest thing! We learn things continually, there is gobs of information at our fingertips. “Just ask google!” That’s what my kids tell me often!

Throughout this homeschooling journey I read the blogs a of veteran homeschool moms. There is such wisdom & good advice along with teaching hacks & humor. I’ve been told continuously that learning isn’t just books & paper & pencils. Learning happens when you are measuring & reading directions while baking in the kitchen.

Learning happens when you plant seeds and watch them grow, making sure that they have the water, food & sunlight they need.

Learning certainly happens when you observe 5 caterpillars spin their chrysalis & only 3 butterflies emerge & fly away.

And apparently learning can happen riding between the library & McDonald’s on the way to pick up your grocery order at the Walmart.

Libby asks from the backseat “why couldn’t women vote a long time ago?”

Well speaking of Kings Dominion, where in the heck did that come from?

I gave a mini history lesson on women’s suffrage. Very mini. Note to self, research women’s suffrage.

After hearing that sometimes women were viewed as not being as smart as men, the girls were in shock.

Callie pipes up from the backseat “But WOMENS is SMARTER than men!”

I chuckled & she continues with her tirade, blurting “MOM is smarter than DAD!”

I almost choked & wrecked the car. If only dad had been there to hear that!

I explained that everyone in our family is smart.

Callie agreed, her philosophy was “Libby & dad have the same brain so he must be smart because Libby is.”

I am gonna have soooo much fun with this.

So pay attention people. Learning is happening all around you!


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