I thought I was just grumpy

I have found myself struggling with some anxiety recently. Apparently I’ve had anxiety most of my life and didn’t know it. I just thought I was grumpy & short tempered. When the lights are too bright, when it’s too loud, when I just need to be alone & not touched or talked too..apparently that is anxiety.

I think we sometimes chalk it up to being over stimulated, touched out (I’m looking at you moms of littles) and talked out (I’m looking at you moms of toddlers & teachers).

I’ve come to realize that for me, too much attention to Social Media can be anxiety promoting.
I had 3 days in a row recently were I struggled badly. It was hard. I talked to my doctor. I talked to my husband. I talked to Jesus.

And I put down my phone.

There was so much talk and posting about the Ukraine/Russia horror. Even if I stayed away from the actual “news”. A lot of the mom & homeschool groups I’m a part of were/are talking about it.
As they should. But I was not handling it well.

So I put my phone down.
I quit carrying it around in my pocket (don’t you love leggings with pockets!)

I feel so much better. I think it was a combo of life, pms & who know what else. Anxiety has a mind of its own sometimes. And there often is no rhyme or reason.

I picked up my phone last night & started scrolling & a few minutes in, I realized I was feeling not so good.

I have to spend some time on social media because I manage several pages & groups. And I use the groups I’m in for resources for homeschooling & a new gardening method I am attempting this year. (It’s called Back to Eden & I’m so excited about it!).

So I’m not pulling the plug. I’m still posting funny things my kids say, sports updates & such.
But I’m not mindlessly scrolling like I used to. I just can’t right now.

I guess I’m sharing all of this in case anyone else is struggling. I also think writing/typing my feelings is helpful for me.

I’m also spending more time in the Bible app. I’m doing a study called The Truth About Us. And it is good! And convicting.

Listen to your brain. If you find yourself touched out, overwhelmed, unable to sleep, worrying about things that you have no control over (or anything actually). Talk to Jesus, your doctor, your spouse, your sister. Heck you can talk to me! And maybe protect your sweet mind from all the craziness that surrounds us. Circle the wagons & take care of you & yours until you feel better. Then you can go back to being super woman!

I guess that’s it. I hope y’all have a wonderful day!

You are so loved!


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