Where did Jesus go?

Where is the baby Jesus?

For the past, I don’t know, 5-6 years a little Nativity scene has been somewhere in this house.

Year round.

It’s on my dresser these days.

Before that a small scene graced the teenager’s little dresser, when I was still using a changing table to get her dressed. She was potty trained at 2, so she was not much older than that. I still remember standing her up on it to finish getting her dressed. Don’t worry, just like the public bathroom signs remind us, I did not leave her unattended.

One day she noticed I had put the nativity scene away. (I’m pretty sure it was Spring.)

“Where’s my baby Jesus? You losed my baby Jesus!”

She was so distraught!

The baby Jesus and his motley crew of one Angel, 2 shepherds, mom & dad & one little lamb were quickly put back in their rightful place.

I remember going to work (back when I got paid to work hard, not running this volunteer gig like I am now, ) and I told co-workers the cute story. Everyone thought it was so funny, and it was!

The other day I noticed the baby Jesus had disappeared from my dresser. He had been in middle, His adoring group circled around his manger. The Angel was turned outward in the circle, seemingly searching. The rest of the group is still smiling down upon where he laid His sweet head. There’s a sermon in that. You’re welcome pastors.

I need to ask the twins where He is. I‘m pretty sure my mini-me will know something. She LOVES to rearrange my Willow Tree figures. Her Barbies are always living their best lives in their luxury apartment, or camper. My garden tub is home to many of them having a pool & spa party.

Robbie’s mini doesn’t spend much time on imaginary play. She’s 7 going on 17 and is very busy running this household. It’s also planting season so she’s busy prepping the garden & questioning when the chickens are going to get here & when will their house & run will be ready? She’s very patient. She WILL ride her imaginary steel horse & teach it a dressage routine & new jumps. But that’s about it.

As I thought about where He could be, it hit me hard that this situation has real life application. It’s “teachable moment” as moms & educators like to say.

Guess who got taught something.


My days SHOULD start off with some quiet time devoted to conversations with Jesus & Bible reading.

Some days they do.

Some days my day starts in a whirlwind of breakfast, homeschool activities, office work & occasionally cleaning my house. Since I met Angel, my bff robot vacuum I do multitask some.

Often it’s lunchtime before I read/listen to my devotional.

Sometimes I get to the end of my day & realize I never did spend that quiet time with Him.

Most nights the hubs and I do read our love language devotional & take turns praying. Last night it was Robbie’s turn. He got a little long winded & apparently I fell asleep. That’s his take on it. He claims I snored. I disagree. I tried to make him feel better by telling him his prayer relaxed me so much! Don’t feel too bad for him though, he just recently confessed that he sometimes says rhymes in his head when I’m praying. Like when I say “help us sleep well” in his head he adds in “and not go to Hell!”


But we are praying together & reading the word for the first time in almost 20 years of marriage so I’m counting it good. We’ve been consistent for a little over a year now & I am so thankful!

Back to me.

I lose Jesus some days.

He doesn’t leave me.

No one takes Him away from me.

I lose Him during the busyness.

During the exhaustion.

During the distraction of social media. There I said it. The elephant in the room.

During the softball games and practices.

During the laundry, emails, dishwashing & phone calls to my mom, texts to my sisters.

Doing the things that need to be done. During the things I enjoy.

But you know what is so amazing?

He is so patient, so kind, so loving & full of Grace.

He’s always there.


Patiently waiting for me to remember Him.

And sometimes He sends me little reminders, sweet messages in the form of a missing baby Jesus on my dresser.

I’m sharing this sweet reminder with y’all.

He loves you. He loves us.

Go find Him,

You won’t have to go far.

He’s right there. He’s right here. Waiting for you.

You are so loved!

Let me tell you about my Jesus is one of my new favorite songs. Give it a listen, you won’t be sorry!



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