2 days post biopsy

It’s been 2 days since my biopsy.

I feel so much better this morning. I’ve had a shower & I’ve taken my bra off for few minutes. Who knew how important that is to comfort?!

Yesterday was better than the day before.

I was a hot mess the afternoon of my biopsy. I left the office, numb thankfully. All bandaged up & pretty bewildered. It was over & that was a relief.

But there was a sense of confusion. My mind battled with the thought that everything would be fine, then my thoughts darkened. What would I do if it is cancer?

How will I homeschool my kids? How will Robbie handle it? He does not do well with sickness at all.

I better clean my house good before I start treatment or surgery, because I know my mom will come up & I am embarrassed at how messy some parts are.

I really went down a rabbit trail, imagining all sorts of scenarios.

I told myself to stop being so dramatic. I knew I had people praying for me. And ultimately the Lord is in control & He would take care of the details.

This inner turmoil exhausted me!

I had a list of people to call & text. But I just wasn’t t ready. I knew my kids were safe with Kim. I knew Emma was safe at home. I knew Robbie was working.

So I waited just a bit, I allowed myself a few moments to just be.

I drove across town to Sam’s club. I texted both Robbie & Emma the same text.

“I’m done. All went well. I’m running into Sam’s club then headed to GC to pickup the girls. I can call you when I’m done. “

Later I talked to Kelly. Who understood what I was feeling,

A few days later I got the all clear! No cancer! I was released by the surgeon & no longer have to follow up with them.

I am happy to say I have had a “normal” 3D mammogram since and all is still well!


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