Biopsy day

Today was the day.

I had my stereotypical biopsy done.

It was very interesting.

Warning, this might be a little TMI. I use the word boob. If you aren’t comfortable with that you might want to stop right here.

I laid flat on my stomach and my boob hung down through a whole in the table.

They did a mini mammogram to determine where to biopsy. The radiologist had told me that the surgeon would use her brain & eyes to perform the biopsy. The previous ultrasound sound guided biopsy used the ultrasound to guide.

The calcifications they were looking at could not be seen on the ultrasound as well.

I also learned that these are new spots that were not there 6 months ago. They are near the original biopsy. The radiologist described it as a band of tissue. They biopsied the tip of the iceberg last time, so to speak.

So I very gracefully climbed on the table on all fours. I’m not a little girl, so I’m sure that was a sight to behold. I laid down & got situated. After some squishing & pinching snd little more squishing & adjusting we were ready.

They numbed the area. I’m not sure how to describe the next part. It sounded like a nail gun, basically. They suctioned/vacuumed out several pieces of tissue. I did not feel a thing. Praise the Lord for numbing meds!

A sweet friend that I grew up going to church with was actually in the room with me, doing the mini mammogram. She was truly a godsend. She was so kind, so encouraging, so calming.

At one point I could feel myself starting to have trouble breathing. I had a mask on. While no one was looking ( my head was facing the wall with no one near me) I slipped my mask down so I wouldn’t hyperventilate. I believe it was anxiety. I had trouble snorkeling in Costa Rica years ago, I just felt like I couldn’t breathe. It happened when I put a ski mask on to ride the 4 wheeler one bitter winter’s day. So clearly have some sort of anxiety or panic issue when it comes to cover my mouth & nose, even with breathable fabric.

Once it was over, I got gracefully off the table again. I put my bra on & my friend slipped an ice pack inside, right at the incision site. She then wrapped my chest, over my bra, with an ace bandage.

I left with my instructions.

No lifting/pulling/pushing anything over 5 pounds.

No vigorous exercise. Which stinks because I was gonna start vigorously exercising today.

No getting the incision wet.

Keep my bra on for the next 48 hours.


Taking my bra off is such a relief, so this was gonna be interesting!

I had a list of folks to text/call.

I was exhausted. And weepy. I almost cried during the biopsy.

So I texted a few folks (the hubby, the teen, the sisters & the mom) I told them things went well. That I was going to run into Sam’s club, then head out to my younger sisters to pick up the twins. I told them I would call on my drive out to get the girls,

I really didn’t want to talk. It’s hard to talk with my mask on, pushing a cart. Well don’t you know I got 3 phone calls after those texts.

It is nice to be so loved! So Sam’s club took a while because I just had to just stand still & talk. I wasn’t trying to hyperventilate.

I picked up the girls abs headed home, with a quick stop at Chick-fil-A.

I was exhausted. And grumpy.

Everything seemed too loud. Too many people wanted to touch me.

I realize now that was anxiety.

So here I am now, kids & hubby in bed.

Getting ready to change my ice pack & figure how to sleep with my bra on.

I should know something in the next 3-5 business days.

Until then I guess I will alternate between “everything is fine” to what will I do if it’s cancer?

I really hope I look back in a few days & laugh about his dramatic I was. That there wasn’t anything to worry about.


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