Holy Spirit Activate

There is a catchy little tune making it’s way around.., it’s pretty simple

Holy spirit activate

Holy spirit activate

Holy spirit activate

Activate activate activate

It supposedly originated with a contestant on the family feud who clapped & sang these words before she gave her answer.

Some might find it a little off putting.

Some might find it funny.

Some might find it confusing.

Some might find it sacrilegious.

Some might be tickled by the whole thing like I am!

I grew up in a church where the Holy Spirit was present in our services and the presence could be felt any number of ways.

Lifting hands during worship.




Speaking in tongues. (This could be very unsettling for my friends who were not used to it)

One of my favorite childhood church memories is knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, when the beat dropped & Big Rick’s bass kicked in & the tambourine started playing, that Brother Everette was gonna shout, dance & maybe even run.

Or sweet Betty was gonna start dancing.

Or quiet, serious Shirley was gonna speak in tongues.

They’ve all gone on to their heavenly homes.

I am so grateful that I have those sweet memories.

We have been talking about the Holy Spirit a lot recently. At home. At Granny’s. In the car.

My pastor has been speaking on it for the past several weeks.

My kids have not had the same experiences l have. My husband did not grow up in a Pentecostal church like I did. So we’ve had a lot of good conversations.

I’ve learned not to be offended by questions. Or poking fun. It’s done out of curiosity & confusion & sometimes meanness. But I don’t need to defend the Lord, or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I don’t need to get mad on their behalf, as if the big bullies are picking on them.

No, the Holy Spirit is gentle.

God will not be mocked.

Jesus gives grace and mercy, praise the lort.

I do the best I can. And I might chant Holy Spirit Activate in my head when people get on my nerves. (I actually said it out loud, right in my husbands face when he was having a “moment”

As my pastor says, “I need the Holy Spirit to go to Walmart!”

I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit.

I pray He activates in my life on the regular.

You are so loved!



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